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Tom Oddo
Date Created
Tue, 16th Feb 2010

   How should I store a fountain pen when not in use?


How should I store a fountain pen when not in use?


Fountain pens are more affected by gravity than ballpoint or rollerball pens. Make sure to always have the point of the fountain pen pointed up, facing the sky. To keep your desk pens always at an upward angle, keep them in a pen cup, mug, or desk organizer with the point (capped) pointed upward. If the pen is empty, you may store it in a safe, acid-free environment like a pen case or drawer.

Ink in a fountain pen will dry up and cause problems in the nib and feed if the pen is not properly cleaned before putting away for long periods of time. If you are planning on not using your pen for a week or so, we highly urge you to clean the ink out of the pen completely with cold tap water befor storing it.

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